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what is pat testing; Pat testing is a way of testing portable appliances and extension leads are safe.

why do we pat test; To ensure your portable appliances and leads are safe, also to comply with the electricity at work regulation 1989

who should have pat testing; 
  landlords and letting agents,public houses,hairdressers,shops,dentists,care homes,offices and factories, musicians and pa systems

what should you pat test ;  any appliance with a plug fitted

Landlord Legal Requirements    Anyone who lets residential accommodation (such as houses, flats and bedsits, holiday homes, caravans and boats) as a business activity is required by law to ensure the equipment they supply as part of the tenancy is safe.The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 requires that all mains electrical equipment (cookers, washing machines, kettles, etc), new or second-hand, supplied with the accommodation must be safe. Landlords therefore need to regularly maintain the electrical equipment they supply to ensure it is safe.The supply of goods occurs at the time of the tenancy contract. It is, therefore, essential that property is checked prior to the tenancy to ensure that all goods supplied are in a safe condition. A record should be made of the goods supplied as part of the tenancy agreement and of checks made on those goods. The record should indicate who carried out the checks and when they did it.It is strongly advisable to have the equipment checked before the start of each let. It would be good practice to have the equipment checked at regular intervals thereafter. You should obtain and retain test reports detailing the equipment, the tests carried out and the results.

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